If you’re aUX designer, you need to keep users happy with satisfactory design, but keepingusers always happy is not a simple task because user preference may changeevery time. Good news for you as a designer is you can use cutting-edge design toolsto understand users’ intent.

I havepicked out some the top UX tools to help you improve your workflow in the upcomingyears. With this tool you can keep users happy with the good design.

User Testing:

User Testinghelps you for user research and prototype testing. The testing engineers fromUser Testing end target the users based on your preference and test remotelyand deliver the result within an hour. The test is recorded in video format, whichshows how the users react to the test. This services is available for websiteas well as mobile apps.

Stylify Me

Have youever attracted by some others’ website colour and wanted to use same color inyour website or mobile app?


The StylifyMe tool is designed for this purpose only, and it is a simple method where youjust copy that website’s URL and paste it in the top search menu and get the exactHex Color code. Even you can download it in the PDF format.


UXPin is awesome,using this you can design your site or mobile app from the scratch to finish.The site or app can be created using the same documents from low-fidelity wireframeto high-fidelity prototype. It allows to drag and drop codeless animation, UIpattern and interactivity on the wireframe. It also allows to convert staticfiles into interactive prototypes without losing any layer. The UXPin tools areused by many mobile app developmentcompanies Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India. Becauseit helps developers develop hi-fi mobile applications.


The Sketchtool was designed as image editor for digital design. It was enhanced especiallyfor web design. The key features are CSS logic, automatic slicing, and easynavigation. The sketch tools can be used to get more for hi-fi images formobile app and websites, because images attract users nearly 70% out of 100times. As a designer, you should be able to satisfy customers with images.


Optimizely toolis like User Testing tool said above, which makes user research easier and it focuseson A and B testing only. It compares your data in two different stages and helpsyou make a prime conclusion. It makes developers feel more comfortable in theexperiment.

Color Safe

The colorsafe tool helps to select the best contrast stability for readability. Userswill appreciate if the legibility is improved through color contrast.


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