Bewareof little expenses- a small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin.

The hardestthing is saving money by minimizing the expenses, and it is obviously difficultto find out simple ways to save money. How to use your savings to achieve yourfinancial goals? The best way is consistently saving in a bank availing thesmall amount of interest to reach your financial goals. So people prefer savingmoney in the bank because of security. On the other hand, banks try to providebest services to achieve customer satisfaction.

ATM,internet banking, and mobile banking are other key digital services of bank. Todayusers need to think twice before using mobile banking for safe and secure onlinetransactions. Mobile app is easy and convenient for users because it is userfriendly. Mobile apps which are developed by the best mobile apps development companies in India (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhincr, Noida, Bangalore etc.) are globally recognized.

According toReserve Bank of India in 2015, more than 50% of smartphone users get done theironline transactions through apps. In online banking, particularly through mobilebrowser, there are possible risks, where anyone can track or hack your bankaccount details easily. So banks should have to pay a special attention for onlinebanking security. Banks must develop highly secured mobile apps for customerswith the help of well experienced mobileapp development companies in Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi ncr, Bangalore,India or in their preferred region.

Tips for safe and secure mobilebanking

First mobileapp users should make sure their mobile devices are safe and secure. Especially,In India we can see more than 60 to 70 percentage people are using Android phoneswhich is comparatively lesser secured than iOS. However, people who use mobilefor online banking can use below tips to ensure safe and secure bankingtransaction.


Use only official mobile apps and websites: If you want to do your bankingtransaction on your mobile, then download official banking app for safe andsecure transaction, and also using your mobile browser to access your accountis right way. Some users add their account detail in some mobile apps whichhelp them calculate expanses and budget plan, so try to avoid such mobile apps.

Check third party apps twice on all thedevices: It is veryeasy for cybercriminals to access your device from a third party app to takeyour personal details. Some third party apps include malware that can scan youraccount detail as well as your transaction in the browser.

Avoid bank related links: Some fake links may come throughmessage or by email to validate bank accounts. Because hackers may use thiskind of tricks to hack your bank details easily. If you get any kind of messageor emails like this, just avoid it


Don’t use public network: Never use public network like at browsingcenter, public Wi-Fi, because there is a high chance of being hacked as somehacking software used by hackers, so it’s better to avoid such network forbanking transactions.

Keep your mobile device always onsmart lock and mobile track: Sometime you may forget your device in a public place like hotel orpark, when your device is not locked, then someone may get your bankingdetails, and also if your device is not enabled with tracking facility, that maycost you lose your device completely, so it is better to use smart lock anddevice track. There are many device tracking mobile apps available that aredeveloped by the best mobile apps development companies in noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi ncr and Bangalore,India.

So keep yourbanking transactions safe with the above tips.

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